February 7, 2015

You Are Lord – David Rives | Lyrics

You Are Lord – David Rives
From the album “Fall Down” www.davidrives.com

Verse 1
To the gates of pearly splendor we are drawn by Your glory
Into Your steady arms we will lean
With amazing grace he saved us, now we’re following His Word
We are purchased by the blood, He made us clean.

Verse 2
Yes, He is there with every breath, I breathe a little deeper
My heart thanks Him for every beat.
I close my eyes in prayer at night, aware of all my weakness
Without Him I would never wake from sleep.

We’re called to be a witness of His mercy and His love
We want to be a blessing till we meet with Him above

You are Lord, our Strength, our Comforter and Shield
You are Lord, the God of Abraham
The truth, the light, the power of the wonderful Provider
You are Lord, the great I AM

Verse 3
Do we reflect Him, day and night, the way we act and speak?
Do we apologize for our beliefs?
Do we associate with those who tempt us and corrupt us?
They try to pull you down when you are weak

This is what God gave to me, one body for this life
Do I let it fade away, or shine my light:

Chorus X2

You are Lord, the great I AM

Copyright © 2014 David Rives Ministries

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