February 7, 2015

Lead Me – David Rives | Lyrics

Lead Me – by David Rives
From the album “Fall Down” www.davidrives.com

C                         G                 F               C        G
Lead me in thy truth, O God, I put my trust in Thee
C                                    G                      F                G
Redeem me with your mercy, God, Your face is all I seek

Verse 1:
C                    G
One thing I have desired, of the Lord
F                         C     G
That I may dwell in His house eternally
G                               C                         G
Who is this King of glory? Strong and mighty.
F                                               C  G  C
Open up your hearts and let His glory in
C  G  F  C  G


Verse 2:
C                                G
Set me on the Rock. And give me strength.
F              C      G
Hear my cry and answer me
G                     C                             G
This is the generation of them who seek
F                            C     G    C
I will lift my head to the King of Kings
C  G  F  C  G

C                           F                              G            C       G
You are Holy, we exalt thee – You are worthy of our praise
C                            F                                G          C
You are Holy, we exalt thee – You are worthy, Yahweh


Copyright © 2014 David Rives Ministries

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